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Mercury Free Dental Practice In Louisville

Dec 12, 2010 Although perhaps not the first, Ideal Dentistry is proud to be one of the mercury-free dental practices in Louisville. Silver mercury fillings were invented as a cheaper alternative to gold fillings and have been in use since long before World War I! (They were first used in Paris in 1820). Mercury, which is the material that makes up 50% of these fillings, is more toxic than lead, and who would allow a lead filling in is or her mouth today? So why would you allow a mercury filling? Europe and Canada have very tight restrictions and bans on this... Read More »

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European Dental Office Design

Dec 06, 2010 Almost all of our new patients immediately comment about the look of our dental practice. It is clean, clutter free, open, bright, and …different. It is a European design for a German dentist. A dental practice does not have to be a dungeon. Why do most dental practices look like “dental practices”? We made an active effort to design a dental practice that makes our patients feel comfortable. Since we built the practice we have been asked almost every design question possible. And yes, the office is nearly LEED certified. We aimed at creating a clean, bright and comfortable... Read More »

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