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Second Opinion Roundup

Nov 23, 2009 Here are some pictures of “second opinions” I have given and what my thoughts were. When patients tell me that I am “more expensive” then another dentist in town, I can not help but imagine what type of dentistry this patient really want in their mouth. My answer, always, is to have the patient compare apples to apples, and oranges to oranges.  If you are looking for high quality dentistry that looks beautiful, is made by a top laboratory technician, and is designed and maintained to last (experience matters, but a lot of bad experience does not count!), then I am the... Read More »

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Natural, Green Dentistry

Nov 23, 2009  Green Is Good.  We all know that by now. Most major companies are going green, people are buying green/natural products, and dentistry is no exception. I built Ideal Dentistry on this philosophy, and it shows.  As mentioned in a previous blog entry, Ideal Dentistry won a national office design competition because I implemented major “green” building principals, providing an environment that is more conductive for both patients and nature.  Business First featured Ideal Dentistry this week in its “Green Business” section because of my approach.  I provide many natural dental alternatives to my patients, ranging from healthier tooth conserving fillings to natural oral care products.... Read More »

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Stars With Smile Makeovers

Nov 18, 2009 Here are some interesting before and after pictures of celebrities…Can you tell the difference?   Now here is an interesting question…what role does the celebrity below usually play in movies?  The hero?  I don’t think so… A good smile really makes a huge difference! Read More »

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