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But it does not hurt…

Sep 14, 2009 I feel it is critical to address this question that I hear all the time:   “Dr. Hahn, I want to wait on treatment for that tooth. I understand it has a little decay in it, but IT DOES NOT HURT. Let’s watch it and see how it feels next time.” If I had a quarter for everytime I hear this…Anyhow, here is “my” philosophy on dental decay.  Do as you please, but realize what you are doing and what the consequences are! DECAY:  Decay is decay.  It starts out small, then continuous to grow until it eventually encompasses the... Read More »

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Is This Acceptable To You?

Sep 03, 2009 Yesterday I saw a new patient that had seen his old dentist regularly for years. At his last visit his old dentist placed a small “filling”. Everything else apparently was fine! Do YOU see any possible other dental problems?   So, to make a long and unfortunately too common story short, this patient has extensive decay and very poor dentistry. His oral hygiene is very good and with a little Ideal Dentistry this patient will have a great smile.  Thank goodness his true dental problems were discovered before it was too late!  It is very regretful that his old dentist practiced supervised neglect… What... Read More »

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