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Why chose a Cosmetic Dentist with experience?

May 26, 2009 This patient came to see me after spending a fortune at another office.  He was not happy with the final result.  Disclaimer: This is NOT my dentistry    The sad part is that yes, the aesthetics are not good, but there are many more problems than just the aesthetics…Now I need to meet with the patient and try to explain all the underlying issues that may not have been discussed before.  Not my favorite type of discussion. The back teeth show severe wear and cannot support the bite as it functions right now The front teeth, supported by implants,... Read More »

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INVISALIGN Day: Save $500 on Clear Braces!

May 14, 2009 INVISALIGN, or clear braces, are extremely popular.  Who would not want beautiful straight teeth without having to wear ugly braces?  June 18th between 9 AM and Noon Ideal Dentistry is holding its INVISALIGN Open House. During this limited time you can save $500 off clear braces!  That is an incredible deal!  Limited space is available, so please call and reserve you spot today. 502.228.4585 My staff and I will demonstrate how this amazing technology works.  You will be able to see and touch the actual INVISALIGN trays plus get aquainted with our new facility.   Read More »

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Dental Practice Design from Europe

May 06, 2009 Ideal Dentistry has a new home – Prospect.  Over the last 6 months I have been building a new facility that will reflect my European/Modern heritage and which will not scream “I am a dental office”.  Below is one of the photos we took.  Soon our website will receive a matching face lift.  Feedback has been excellent from patients.  I invite you to stop by and visit our new facility. Read More »

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