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How Do I Pick a Good Dentist?

Apr 19, 2009 IF you’ve got a dentist that you’re delighted with then… Skip this blog entry If not, please read on… Louisville has lots of “family dentists“, “cosmetic dentists“, “we cater to cowards dentists” and now even “advanced cosmetic dentists“. Trying to work out who’s right for you is probably pretty confusing, especially when so many dentists are claiming to be experts. Truth be known, “family dentistry” never was and never will be a speciality and, “cosmetic dentistry” is just about on any dental sign these days.  Who is not a cosmetic dentist? Read the blog about cosmetic accreditation to see what you... Read More »

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Single Tooth Makeover

Apr 15, 2009 What a difference a small white filling can make.  Here is an example of a filling I did this morning.  The old filling, an amalgam filling (50% Mercury, 50% silver), was leaking and had recurrent decay under it.  Old Amalgam Filling Improved Esthetics and Function   The “white filling” is placed after gently removing the old filling and any associated decay.  Then a complex bonding procedure is followed closely, ensuring a perfect bond and beautiful aesthetics.  All too often old silver mercury fillings like this result in fractured teeth which then require extensive rebuilding, root canal therapy, or even removal... Read More »

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Cosmetic Dentistry: CASE STUDY – Wearing Out Your Teeth

Apr 13, 2009 Last week a new patient came to my office seeking a second opinion on 4 front veneers that were done. Her concern was that they did not match (too white/opaque) and did not look real.   Well, she was right, the veneers did not look real, and they were cemented with opaque white cement, blocking out all light and creating a white-out like tooth.  The sad thing was, these 4 front teeth were the least of her problems… DISCLAIMER: This is NOT my dentistry! After doing a complete exam, radiography’s, digital photos and a tooth by tooth analysis it became... Read More »

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