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FREE Whitening for Life!

Jan 26, 2009      I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is!  Let me give you some background on the program and then the details of how it works.  You will never have to pay for professional teeth whitening again.      Our office was looking for a way to help as many people as possible have a beautiful, white, smile.  Professional teeth whitening, when done correctly, can deliver dramatic results quickly.  As with anything in life, not everyone should whiten their teeth, and if it is not done correctly the results can be poor.  Ideal Dentistry has their own system... Read More »

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Ideal Dentistry in Prospect opening in 4 weeks!

Jan 19, 2009 I have been busy building a new home for Ideal Dentistry! In just a short 4 weeks my new office will open in Prospect. I carefully selected the location and chose some of the most talented architects and designers to bring a world class dental facility to Louisville. Going to the dentist will become an experience!  The surroundings reflect the quality of dentistry that I provide. It is the time for change in many ways… Put your health first and visit Ideal Dentistry, I promise you will reap the benefits for years to come. Nothing costs more than average dentistry designed to be replaced over and over and over again,... Read More »

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