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New ZOOM Whitening Experiment

Oct 05, 2017   Who does not want WHITER teeth?      This is my personal before and after photo – I tested the new in-office ZOOM laser whitening procedure to make sure it does not create too much sensitivity and gets the results we expect at Ideal Dentistry. I began the procedure after all patients had left and it took just about 1 hour. Here is how it works: Your teeth are polished to remove any plaque and stain that could prevent the bleaching product from reaching the tooth. It’s minty and tastes good. A unique cheek retractor appliance is placed to give the operator access to all the teeth and gums. This was comfortable and I liked that the appliance actually kept my tongue out of the way. The gums are painted with a protective layer of material so that none of the whitening gel would touch them. This also was quick and painless. Lastly the teeth are painted with the whitening gel and the laser is placed close to  your mouth and activated for 15 minutes. I literally nearly fell asleep a few times… After 15 minutes the gel is suctioned off and new gel is applied. This happens 3-4... Read More »

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Do What You Do Best – I Make Beautiful Smiles

Apr 12, 2017 What difference does a beautiful smile make? You tell me…do you think the person in the photo above feels different with new smile? The difference a beautiful smile makes is nothing short of life changing. I came from the Cosmetic Center of the World, Los Angeles, and have the pleasure to serve Louisville as a Read More »

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Componeer Case – Direct Composite Veneers in 3 hours

Mar 13, 2017 Above is a case I just completed last week. The before and after photos were taken the same day. Product: Componeers – Direct Composite Veneers Procedure: Remove old, failing composite that was placed recently somewhere else. Remove decay and place the Componeers. Cost: Less than 50% of what porcelain veneers would cost. Time:  3 Hours Read More »

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