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Get to know your Dentist

Nov 08, 2017 Who is your Dentist? What are his or her philosophies? Do they have a passion for what they do? Medicine, including Dentistry, goes beyond the scientific aspect of care – it is about people. Too often we get treated like a number, a problem, or a project, while in reality we are all human beings simply looking for help. At Ideal Dentistry I focus on the person, not must the problem. I spend the time listening to you and making sure I am able to help. Getting to know who will be guiding you along your journey towards better oral health is now more important than ever! Poor quality dentistry has flooded the market and created more harm than good – many patients are treated different based on their insurance benefits and dentistry to many doctors has become a business, not a career. I promise all my patients I only look out for their personal well being without being influenced by insurance or drug companies. This of course does not make me a favorite with insurance companies, dentists or drug companies, but that is ok! I am here to help and be your friend in the dental industry. I  Read More »

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New ZOOM Whitening Experiment

Oct 05, 2017   Who does not want WHITER teeth?      This is my personal before and after photo – I tested the new in-office ZOOM laser whitening procedure to make sure it does not create too much sensitivity and gets the results we expect at Ideal Dentistry. I began the procedure after all patients had left Read More »

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Do What You Do Best – I Make Beautiful Smiles

Apr 12, 2017 What difference does a beautiful smile make? You tell me…do you think the person in the photo above feels different with new smile? The difference a beautiful smile makes is nothing short of life changing. I came from the Cosmetic Center of the World, Los Angeles, and have the pleasure to serve Louisville as a Read More »

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