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Suger is Destroying the World…

Jun 25, 2014 Dentistry goes beyond cleaning and filling teeth in this century. Dentist have the unique ability to help patients understand how sugar and acid is slowly killing all of us. Yes, it is that bad. Sure, Cosmetic Dentists love to fix your smile and make you look great, but we have an opportunity to not only save your smile…but your health. A while back I wrote an article on how to escape the Dental Cycle. Now more and more studies from reputable sources (Mayo Clinic, etc.) are confirming the facts that acid (diet) and sugar (diet) are the root of almost all health evil. The good news is that dentists on the cutting edge, such as Ideal Dentistry, help you not only fix broken teeth but become a healthier, happier human being. We do not use amalgam (silver mercury that is banned is many countries) or other products that do more harm than good. We put you first and tell it as it is, like it or not So if you have a dentist that still insists that silver fillings are fine and you should rinse daily with Listerine and brush with Colgate Total, run, fast. Want to know why? Come... Read More »

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Dr. Hahn Interviewed on Componeers – Direct Composite Veneering System

Apr 29, 2014 Dr. Christian W. Hahn, a international speaker on Cosmetic Dentistry, is featured in this audio interview on the new direct composite veneering system called Componeers. Componeers deliver many of the benefits of porcelain veneers at about half the cost and multiple other benefits. Dr. Hahn travels the United States teaching this system to fellow dentists. Read More »

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How are White Fillings Placed?

Feb 26, 2014 Everybody likes beautiful white teeth. Did you ever wonder how a white composite filling is placed? What is involved in replacing a silver mercury/amalgam filling? Well, here is a quick step by step outline demonstrating the placement of a white filling. ISOLATION: We need to isolate the tooth with or without a rubber shield. Below Read More »

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Free Nitrous and Half Price White Fillings!

Feb 12, 2014 Did you know that not even dentists like to go to the dentist? Dental pain is awful, keeps getting worse and is hard to manage. When your tooth hurts you can’t do much of anything else! So at Ideal Dentistry in Dupont Circle we are trying something different to help you! We are big believers Read More »

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Pay It Forward Smiles

Feb 06, 2014 We all have gifts and talents. At Ideal Dentistry we have elected to “pay it forward” by helping those in our community that could use a “lift me up”.  If you have received a “pay it forward smiles” card from one of our staff members, please call us at 502-228-4585 to schedule your complimentary smile Read More »

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Thin Porcelain Veneers – Save Your Tooth Structure

Jan 14, 2014   Porcelain Veneers are beautiful, there is no question about that. A beautiful smile really does improve the quality of your life…but, is it worth cutting your teeth down to little nubs? In my dental opinion no. Your teeth need to last you your entire life, so the more tooth structure you save the better. Read More »

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Happy Thanksgiving from Ideal Dentistry

Nov 27, 2013 Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Ideal Dentistry, your premier source for quality dentistry in Louisville. One of the most important pleasures in life is the ability to enjoy eating…another great reason to take care of your teeth. If you want to improve your ability to enjoy these festive times, call us, it is not Read More »

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Free Teeth Whitening! Have a WHITE Christmas

Nov 04, 2013 Ideal Dentistry of Louisville KY is having a FREE TEETH WHITENING promotion! Yes, I said free, completely FREE. One day this month we will ask anyone interested in getting their teeth whitened to line up outside our office. For 3 hours Ideal Dentistry will take impressions to create professional whitening trays that will maximize the Read More »

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So You Want Hassle Free Teeth…

Oct 22, 2013   Cosmetic Dentistry is all the buzz! Here in Louisville, KY everybody is a Cosmetic Dentist, which is fine, but how about those patients (like myself) that really only want teeth that last, don’t break, don’t hurt, and allow me to enjoy the foods I like till the last bite! Well, I would like to take you back a Read More »

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Truth in Advertising – Who is a Cosmetic Dentist?

Oct 02, 2013 Let’s say you live in Prospect, Kentucky (Louisville Kentucky), and are looking for a true Cosmetic Dentist, how do you find one? As soon as you starting looking at signs, searching online, or listening to the radio you will realize that everyone is a Cosmetic Dentist, even in Louisville or Prospect, KY! Just yesterday I Read More »

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Emergency Dental Care

Aug 23, 2013 Dental pain is unbearable – when you need an emergency dentist, you need them now!                   Ideal Dentistry is hear to serve Louisville and Prospect, around the clock! Any dental Emergency can be handled by Dr. Christian Hahn and Dr. Todd Johnson with fast, comfortable and quality Read More »

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What Type Of Porcelain Veneer Should I Get?

Jul 29, 2013 I get more and more patients coming to see me that have researched all the different types of porcelain veneers out there, and they know exactly what they want…when they come in. That all changes after we talk a bit about each product and what really matters, the artist/dental technician, not the material. There are Read More »

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