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Do What You Do Best – I Make Beautiful Smiles

Apr 12, 2017 What difference does a beautiful smile make? You tell me…do you think the person in the photo above feels different with new smile? The difference a beautiful smile makes is nothing short of life changing. I came from the Cosmetic Center of the World, Los Angeles, and have the pleasure to serve Louisville as a Cosmetic Dentist now. I believe everyone deserves to have the confidence and self esteem a lovely smile exudes. That being said, everybody is good at something. Some dentists do the best root canals, some the best dentures, some the best braces. I have a passion and a talent for Cosmetic Dentistry and that is all I focus on. You cannot be the best at everything! General Dentists in the area refer to me for Cosmetic Dentistry and I have not done a root canal treatment myself in 10 years. Why? Because there are other dentists that do them better and so I refer to them. We all need to find our talent, focus on it, build it and bring it to the World. If you have considered enhancing your smile, consider doing it right the first time with a dentist that lives and breathes cosmetic... Read More »

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Componeer Case – Direct Composite Veneers in 3 hours

Mar 13, 2017 Above is a case I just completed last week. The before and after photos were taken the same day. Product: Componeers – Direct Composite Veneers Procedure: Remove old, failing composite that was placed recently somewhere else. Remove decay and place the Componeers. Cost: Less than 50% of what porcelain veneers would cost. Time:  3 Hours Read More »

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Ideal Dentistry On Facebook LIVE – Get To Know The Practice

Dec 01, 2016  If you are in Louisville or Prospect, Ideal Dentistry is just a short hop down to the road an provides an entirely different type of dental experience! We believe dentistry does not have to be impersonal but does need to be comfortable and of premium quality – if you have to go get some dentistry Read More »

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Patient Guide To Getting A Good Fitting, Good Looking Crown

Aug 30, 2016 The most common questions I receive on my blog are related to patients not getting what they expect with respect to crowns/caps. Here are the issues patients face: Crowns that were placed without having the patient first approve the esthetics (ugly crowns) Crowns that fit so poorly that they are adjust/ground down many times and eventually Read More »

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Successful Dental Assisting

Nov 02, 2015 A Dentist is only as good as his staff, and that is the truth! My staff makes my career not only possible but enjoyable. Having the right people to surround yourself with is the key to success and happiness. That being said, finding the right people to work with is not quite as easy anymore…it Read More »

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Who Is The Boss?

Oct 26, 2015 Patients email me weekly with questions like this: I hate my temporary crowns on my front teeth! Will the final ones look the same? I do not like the way my final crown looks – it looks more like a marshmallow than a tooth! I am worried that my veneers will turn out like chicklets, Read More »

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Dr. Hahn Speaks To Dental Industry Leaders

Oct 16, 2015 Dr. Christian Hahn presented a lecture on Minimally Invasive Smile Makeovers and the Ethics of Cosmetic Dentistry to a hand selected group of KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) in the Dental Industry. Cosmetic Dentistry should not only be beautiful but follow the “Do No Harm” principle of medicine. Too often teeth are cut like a pencil Read More »

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Introducing Our DRILL THE DENTIST Podcast

Jun 01, 2015 Due to the huge success of this blog and the dozens of questions I receive weekly I have decided to answer questions through a podcast. This will allow me to address your questions better and quicker and keep up 🙂 Here is what you do: Post a question on the Drill The Dentist podcast and Read More »

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Get A Beautiful Smile – Today!

Apr 25, 2015 Beautiful Composite Veneers can change your life…immediately. I love creating smiles, it is my passion. To think that so many people smile with their lips closed, hold a hand over their smile or turn their head to hide their smile is just terribly sad…you need to express yourself and a smile is the ultimate form Read More »

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Not your Mom’s Denture

Dec 10, 2014 Do your dentures rock and roll around your mouth making eating and talking almost impossible? Do you use more adhesive glue to keep your teeth from falling out than a Kindergartener in art class? Do your dentures “look like dentures“? Ideal Dentistry was founded by me to help people like you. I have always believed Read More »

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Stop The Dental Visits!

Oct 31, 2014 Ideal Dentistry is in the business of putting dentists out of business! Yes, it’s true, everything we do is geared towards helping our patients not only fix their current dental problems such as pain, decay and poor esthetics, but Dr. Hahn has developed a program called the Dental Peace Program which gets patients out of the Read More »

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