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What To Expect

A Typical First Visit

Have you arrived at a new dental office only to be ushered back to a treatment chair, where you waited for someone to come and tell you what is going to be done to you today? Impersonal. Dentist-centered. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how it works at in many dental offices in Louisville and Prospect, KY.

We believe you deserve better.

At your first visit to Ideal Dentistry in Prospect or Louisville KY you will be greeted by one of our smiling team members who will offer you some refreshments and then escort you to a private consultation room, not a dental operatory.

Next Dr. Hahn or one of his associates will visit with you to find out exactly how we can help you achieve the results you desire. With your permission we then will take some digital photographs and perform a gentle “quick look” exam.

Once we have determined what type of dentistry you are looking for, either reparative or comprehensive dentistry (both include the option for general or cosmetic dentistry), we will let you know everything that will take place at your next visit – what type of tests need to be done to be able to give you a thorough treatment plan presentation at which point you can pick which route of treatment fits best into your life at this moment in time. We will be there by your side guiding you as much as you desire, but we will never push you into any treatment you may not be ready for.

There are no surprises.

Ideal Dentistry is here to give you a uniquely pleasant dental experience. If you are looking to keep your teeth beautiful and functional for the rest of your life, then we are the right dental practice for you.

The Dental Cycle

Dental Visit
Find A New Problem

Insurance Dictated Treatment Treat Pain, Not Cause
Temporary Relief Underlying Cause Ignored
Continuous Breakdown Results in Worsening of Condition