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The technical abilities of this office far surpase any office where I have been a patient, and that’s saying something because I am in my sixties. The equipment is state of the art and believe me that means something when you’re the patient. The office is well organized so all activities flow smoothly. So to speak you become a member of the family and the employees all seem to know you by name. Not unusal for staff members to address you by name eventhough they may not be in involved in your procedure during that visit. D. M.

You get what you pay for…and Ideal Dentistry is the BEST!!! I have been blown away ever since I walked into their office! Yes it is very nice architecturally, but the most dazzling part…is the Dentist/Owner Christian Hahn! Dr. Hahn is the BEST dentist I have ever been to in 35 years! Every aspect of Ideal Dentistry has the highest level of knowledge and professionalism that I have ever experienced. From the state of the art equipment that is mind-blowing, his Staff and Dr. Hahn’s network of specialty dental surgeons, Ideal Dentistry has it all. Have you ever had a neck cancer screening at a dentist…??? Probably not. Have you ever had a root canal done with absolutely NO pain…??? Probably not. You get what you pay for and more than likely you will walk out of Ideal Dentistry thinking “God my old dentists are morons!”

The most caring, and talented dentist, with the most attentive staff anywhere! I would like to shout it from the rooftops…or fill every billboard …with my feelings for Dr.Hahn and his amazing staff at The Center for Ideal Dentistry! My whole life and outlook have been changed thanks to Dr. Hahn. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the beautiful smile that I know possess. I am very confident in myself, and how I am perceived by others. Everyday I receive compliments on my smile, and how I brighten the lives of others because of it. I owe it all to Dr. Hahn! The change he made in me is nothing short of miraculous! And I can tell anyone, from personal experience..If he can make such an amazing change in my life…He can without a doubt completely change your life for the better, as well. Just give him the opportunity, and you will never be disappointed, I promise you! Thanks again Dr Hahn, for all you have done for me, and continue to do for me Signed, A Patient For Life.

Best Experience Visiting The Dentist Ever! The staff and Dr.Hahn at Ideal Dentistry are amazing! They really care about their patients and went out of their way to show me that! They taught me useful ways to prevent any further issues with my smile that no dentist ever took time out to do for me. My smile is off center, my top teeth don’t align with my bottom teeth evenly which always made me self conscious. I had braces in the past and my previous orthodontist told me I would have to have an expensive surgery to correct the issue. Dr. Hahn offered me a much cheaper and safer solution that didn’t involve any surgery! Dr. Hahn’s warm and positive energy will lighten anyone’s day, he truly is the best dentist I’ve ever had and I would recommend him to any person who wants a perfect smile done right!

Dental Perfection . One of the concerns I had returning to Louisville from CA was leaving my dentist behind! He served as the national president of the cosmetic dental association.An artist, he had given me a whole new look which included a four tooth bridge, which, after eight years developed a crack behind one tooth. Dr. Hahn was able to save the majority of that appliance while replacing the damaged part. I don’t know he did it, but the correction was perfect. My teeth have never looked better. I certainly appreciate that fact that he tried the most economical repair first, and it worked perfectly!

Ideal Dentistry along with the greatest staff.  Excellent staff.  Dr. Hahn is very caring I love to go to my dentist, I have never been able to say that because of my nerves however Dr. Hahn and his staff make me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend this office. I love the decor very modern. Very professional!!!! I look forward to my next appointment.

Organic Treasure.  I have been dealing with serious health problems and am thrilled that I found Dr. Hahn, a dentist, who not only lives an organic lifestyle, but offers the best in natural dentistry to his patients. I have always taken care of my dental health, but I have never had the thorough care that Dr. Hahn offers, the best available. He is a vibrant Dr. with a true love for what he does. He is a master in his field!

The Best Dental Experience I Have Ever Had! I had never enjoyed going to the dentist before, and I put off some much needed dental work because I never felt totally comfortable or confident in my previous dentists. With Dr. Hahn it was totally different. Beginning with my initial consultation, Dr. Hahn and his team made me feel completely comfortable. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and the quality of their work shows — fabulous crown, the best/most thorough cleanings I’ve ever had, easy teeth whitening. Staff is friendly, very professional. The office is like a dream — the most beautiful, modern, eco & patient-friendly one around. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!

Ideal Dentistry and Dr. Hahn’s team rock! Dr. Hahn and his team have provided me the absolute best patient/customer care I have ever received in the entire medical industry! Every one shows such care and consideration. They will work with you on scheduling what’s most convenient and they are all so very sweet, cheerful and helpful. Dr. Hahn… Incredible. Knowledgeable. Capable. Great sense of humor. Kind hearted. And best of all Skillful! I have a new Hollywood smile I’m proud of. If you have a decision to make, set an appointment for a consultation. You won’t look back.

Excellent care, beautiful office.  Dr. Hahn and the staff of Ideal Dentistry are the most professional dental care office I have ever visited, and I’ve been a patient at a number of offices in many cities. They are prompt (I have never had to wait past the appointment time), courteous, kind and very talented. My wife and I are both patients of Dr. Hahn, and his skills and personality are just wonderful. In addition, this is the most modern, clean and well-appointed medical office I have ever seen.

Painless Dentistry.  I have never had major dental work performed before which was perfectly painless as was the work of Dr. Hahn. He made certain that I was comfortable with every procedure, and he and his consultants were constantly checking on me to make sure I was completely without pain. If you are looking for a dentist who is considerate, kind, knowledgeable and skillful, I would recommend you call IDEAL DENTISTRY for an appointment with Dr. Hahn.

Lovely! What a beautiful atmosphere! For anyone who is nervous about dentist visits, the spa-like atmosphere encourages relaxation. Dr. Hahn’s staff is friendly and welcoming, and I was happy to find such a great deal for a first-time visit, as well. Dr. Hahn is careful in his work and personable; he patiently listened to my questions, and created a thorough plan for my dental improvement. I’m so happy with this office!

The new face of Dentistry.  Dr. Hahn is usine state of the art technology, his in-depth knowledge of natural dental medicine, and his extensive training to offer an amazing service to his customers; the best dental care available anywhere. I feel safe entrusting my dental care in his capable hands.